If you ask Stefan Gwildis personally what keeps him going on stage, his answer is short and sweet: FUN. And once you’ve seen him live, you can only confirm that. Gwildis loves what he does and only does what he is convinced of. For more than 40 years he has asserted himself in the local scene and continues to surprise with projects that make it difficult to evade this creativity. Stefan Gwildis will present his new soul program with an unusual line-up and new arrangements by Jörg Achim Keller, Hagen Kuhr and Tobias Neumann.


03.09.2020 Thursday 20:25Uhr


Stefan Gwildis (vocals, guitar)
Tobias Neumann (piano)
Mona Burger (violin)
Zofia Zakrzewska (viola)
Anna Behrens (violin)
Hagen Kuhr (cello)

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