❝The band’s repertoire consists of original compositions by Lorenz Hargassner and Anja Mohr, who are a couple on as well as off stage and have started a family. So far they have only made music together on small or private occasions – now they are throwing their creative potential together and creating a joint work with the Hargassner Mohr Band that enchants and carries away with its diversity and inspiration.
With the freedom of the classic quartet line-up with Oliver Karstens on bass and Ole Seimetz on drums, the artistic potential of the musicians unfolds and a new breeding ground for creative improvisations in a tastefully designed sound environment is found. The love for balanced sound and an inspired performance becomes clear in this interesting setting.
At their hamburg.stream concert, the musicians use the opportunity offered by such a video format to dare to work together in an interdisciplinary manner and to invite the dancer Cordula Decker, who will make the performance on this evening something unique.❞


28.03.2021 Sunday 20:25h


Lorenz Hargassner – saxophone
Anja Mohr – piano
Oliver Karstens – bass
Ole Seimetz – drums

feat. Cordula Decker – tap dance

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