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28.03./20:25h Hargassner Mohr Band feat. Cordula Decker

❝The band's repertoire consists of original compositions by Lorenz Hargassner and Anja Mohr, who are a couple on as well as off stage and have started a family. So far…
ClassicalJazzUpcoming Stream

03.04./20:25h Easter Special: Top 3 Season 3: Klassik Novum feat. Marie Spaemann

❝Ambitious musicians from the Staatskapelle Dresden perform with international guest artists in the still young concert series Klassik Novum. The programs are extraordinary and contrast different art forms and genres.…
JazzUpcoming Stream

04.04./20:25h Easter Special: Top 3 Season 3: Michel Schroeder Ensemble – BUNT

❝ Few debut concerts in the past year have left such a lasting impression as that of the trumpeter and composer Michel Schroeder. It is therefore logical and gratifying that…
GrooveJazzUpcoming Stream

05.04./20:25h Easter Special: Top 3 Season 3: TOYTOY

❝TOYTOY is a musical gathering of four virtuoso Instrumentalists. They channel influences from Frank Zappa to J Dilla and breathe the inspiring air of the hip and young new jazz…
ClassicalJazzTangoUpcoming Stream

11.04./20:25h Hamburg Stage Ensemble – Astor Piazzolla

❝The Hamburg Stage Ensemble consists of young, highly qualified instrumentalists who share an artistic vision of not merely playing, but also communicating instrumental music. Their primary objective is to focus…
JazzUpcoming Stream

14.04./20:25h Mycelium – Organic Composition – Benjamin Schaefer

❝Ist Ihnen Permakultur ein Begriff? Und wussten Sie, dass Blüten, Blätter und Tannenzapfen hilfreich beim Komponieren von Musik sein können? Ist es Zufall, dass komponieren und kompostieren aus dem selben…

“Die Bühne ist das Experimentierfeld der Musiker, das Konzert ihr Augenblick der Wahrheit.”

Herbie Hancock


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